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SUPER nice ranch horse, trail horse, everyone safe horse. 15.1 hand 10 year old grade paint mare. She has not been rode in probably 4 years before we got her and we saddled her up and rode her off. There is no buck at all. She bridles up and lopes both ways, stops, and spins, neck reins. We have been hauling her around with us to the jackpots to ride around and she has been going to the sale yard sorting and penning back cattle. She is a super nice ranch horse and fun to ride outside. She has been to brandings and has had cattle doctored on her. She is big and stout and could go all day. Very gentle and kinds anyone could get along with this horse from beginner to advanced rider. Come try her out cause we know it branding season and she is amazing to have in the branding pen or if you need something solid to doctor cattle on.

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Streakin La Jolla
                                                    Mr Jess Perry                                                                                                             
                                                                              Scoopie Fein                                                                                  
                            Midnight Corona                                                                                                                                
                                                                              First Down Dash                                                                             
                                                    Corona Cash                                                                                                             
                                                                              Corona Chick                                                                                 
   Smashed and Streakin                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                              Its Royal Time                                                                               
                                                    Royal Time Dancer                                                                                                       
                                                                              Dancing Van Gee                                                                           
                           Queen of Smashed                                                                                                                          
                                                                              Prince Smashed                                                                            
                                                    Smashed Polecat                                                                                                       
                                                                              Reds Polecat                                                                                

 Minnie Mouse is a black yearling filly. She is super sweet and very athletic. She would make a really nice performance horse and asset to your herd. Don't let her pass you by. She is eligible for the Three Can Tango Futurity Sidepot, MG Barrel Race Stallion Incentive, VGBRA, Barrel Breeders Incentive and many more
other incentive programs. She has been halter broke and has had her feet trimmed 4 times. She will stand for the farrier. We have full brother to her that is in the roping arena and showing lots of talent as a super nice head horse and Luke started picking bucking horses up on him this past summer. This filly is showing just as much talent and athletic ability. You will fall in love with
this sweet sweet girl. 


                                      Streakin La Jolla
                                                    Mr Jess Perry                                                                     
                                                                              Scoopie Fein                                            
                            Midnight Corona                                                                                                   
                                                                              First Down Dash                                      
                                                    Corona Cash                                                                     
                                                                              Corona Chick                                          
                                                                              Dash for Cash                                        
                                                    Bet the Cash                                                                     
                                                                              Take You On                                          
                           Miss Easily Cashed                                                                                              
                                                                              Prince Smashed                                     
                                                   Wake Up Little Blue                                                            
                                                                              Reds Polecat                                        

 Twix is a brown/black yearling stud colt. He is super sweet and very athletic would make a really nice performance horse and asset to your herd. He is the pick
of the crop this year and is a stud prospect. He stands out! He is stout and thick! Don't let him pass you by you will fall in love once you see him. He is eligible for the Three Can Tango Futurity Sidepot, MG Barrel Race StallionIncentive, VGBRA, Barrel Breeders Incentive and many more other incentive programs. He has been halter broke and has had his feet trimmed 4 times. He will stand for the farrier. Full Brother to him is in steer wrestling training and showing lots of talent. These colts are super cowey and have lots of speed. This stud colt is showing just as much talent and athletic ability. You will fall in love with this sweet sweet guy. 

Amigo is a 18 hand 1/2 draft paint Gelding. He is big and stout and broke. Amigo has been taken to brandings and as moved and sorted cows on. He also has been a pick up horse too. He is very flashy, gentle, kind hearted, and super broke. Amigo always wants to please you. He has never bucked with us at all and we have had him in a lot of tight situations. He lopes both ways, bridles up, stops nicely, spins, and neck reins. He has had steers headed on him and used as a ranch horse. Super nice guy and you will fall in love with him once you see him. 

Willie Nelson is a solid paint with bald face and 3 white stalkings. He is a yearling grade stud colt and will be cut here in the next couple of weeks. He is super friendly and very sweet. He is halter broke and had his feet trimmed a couple of times. He stands pretty good for the farrier and we are working more with him. He make a really nice project or 4-H project for the family. He is super kind and wants to please all the time. Come check him out he has a great personality!


Johnny Ringo is a 6 year old 17 hand TB. He is super gentle and really starting to get broke. Lopes both ways and bridles up really nice. He has been used to start colts with by sacking them out the flag and roping their feet. He is now started on the barrels and really starting to show some talent. He is patterned and solid all he needs now is to be seasoned. Johnny went to Las Vegas this last December and was used to exercise all the ruff stock and brought all the stock the Thomas and Mac and back. He has been hauled to jackpots all winter and spring. He is super athletic and has a lot of speed and is very mellow. Johnny is a grandson of Seattle Slew and a great grandson of Secretariat. He should have a lot of speed to run up on a cow. Anybody could get along with this horse from beginner to advance rider. We feel he make a really nice jumping or eventing horse too. He is a super sweet guy our daughters can crawl all around him and he will not even budge. Johnny love attention and has a big heart. He has been used at the sale yard sorting and penning back cattle and also has been hauled to ropings to flag off of. If your looking for a really nice horse/project to go on with he is your guy. He is ready to move on and get more miles and get solid in the event you want in to excel at.


Speckles is a yearling paint mini mule. He is learning how to get halter broke so he can become a fun family pet. We also have Marshmallow who is a white mini mule that is 2 years old and he to is getting halter broke so he can become a fun family pet.

Moon Deck       
Top Moon                                                                  
Rica Bar            
Moons Star Trek                                                                                                                
Three Chicks     
Three Chick Rose                                                         
Barred Rose      
Bar Bell Moon                                                                                                                                                                       
Lassie's Top Man
Go Go Bar Nine                                                          
Bar Nine Tracie  
Bar Bell Betty                                                                                                                 
Blue Rooster Bell
Altar Kory Bell                                                           
Kory Happy Bell  

Rooster is a 14 year old Red Roan gelding that is a solid ranch horse, pick up horse, and super nice head horse and can heel on him too. He is very broke and bridles up very nicely. You could probably do other events on him, only have to show him once and he catch on. He is that type of horse he just loves to please you. He is easy to catch, trim, shoe, and handle. He will go from a beginner roper to a open roper. He is very easy to ride and really cowey with run. I have won bunch of money on him heading at a lot of jackpots. Come try him out you will not be disappointed in him at all. He has been to brandings and had lot of cattle doctored on him too. Super nice ranch horse that can cover country and last all day. Anyone can ride this horse from beginner to advance rider too.


Blue Lynx       
Prairie Maverick                                                  
Satin Motion   
Oreos Prairie Rocket                                                                                                                   
Oreo Kid         
Oreos Billy                                                         
Super Billy Jo  
QT Rockin Charles                                                                                                                                                                                         
Blue Lynx       
Prarie Maverick                                                  
Satin Motion   
Sandstone QT Pebbles                                                                                                               
Midway Jet Pal
JNR LA Jetta                                                     
Jets Belle        

Charlie is a 8 year old APHA Gelding. He is a super sweet boy. He did have a late start in training and has had around 90 days of professional training with us. He lopes both ways, spins, neck reins, slide stop, and is super gentle and kind. Charlie is so willing to please and loves his job. He has never bucked with us and is super broke. He has been to Las Vegas at the NFR exercising the rough stock and bringing the stock to and from the Thomas and Mac, so he has been there and seen a lot of stuff. He has been going to brandings all spring bringing calves to the fire and also has helped doctor cattle too. He is not a dead head and moves out but is super smooth horse to ride. We will be starting him on the heel-a-matic and live cattle as a heel horse and breakaway horse and will also pattern him on the barrels too.  

Contact us if you don't see anything that we have in our herd. We sell outside horses too and know of a lot of horses for sale all the time :) Thanks

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